Mother and Indigenous daughter breaking bones on the rugby field

It’s thought to be the highest example of such an occurrence at the elite level anywhere in the world.


Candice Clay’s mother and father both played Rugby and that example inspired her to play.   

Now the Indigenous youngster is putting herself on the line for NSW Country.

Tammy Clay put a consoling arm around her daughter’s shoulders during the match against a Combined Armed Services team in the National Championship match in Sydney after she broke her nose. 

“I’m feeling alright,  it’s just the first time I’ve ever got hit in the face.” Candice told SBS Online afterwards.

Tammy says they always chat after their matches.   

“We have a little debrief after every game and tell each other the things we’ve done well”

There’s no known precedent for a mother/daughter combination in Rugby Union and its always met with surprise.

“It’s been a first for a lot of people, they’re like really, what are you doing ?” Tammy explained.

The Australian Sevens teams,  especially the Rio Olympics bound women, have been getting much of the media focus recently. 

And the Australian Rugby Union wants to leverage that potential:

“Our Sevens staff are out here watching this tournament…and we’re really keen to use that format to help grow the 15 aside game as well.”  The ARU Pathways and Development General Manager Ben Whitaker told SBS Online.

Candice Clay is yet to represent her country but should that call be made her mother would be beside herself.

“Exceptionally proud.  She’s just got to take that one step further now,” she said.

The Women’s National Championship will be decided tomorrow at Sydney’s St. Ignatius College.