Let it go: Queen Elsa tells racial abuse victim to ‘always be yourself’ in special message

Samara Muir made headlines earlier this month when she was verbally attacked regarding the colour of her skin while waiting at an event for fans of the animated film Frozen.


Her mother, Rachel Muir, told NITV News that they were waiting in line for a snow pit at a Melbourne shopping centre when a woman and her two daughters began abusing them, saying “Elsa isn’t black” and “black is ugly”.

The three-year-old has since received hundreds of messages in support, but one of the most exciting ones was from Queen Elsa herself.

Megan Hope, a staff member at Disney World in Florida and Queen Elsa impersonator, reached out to the young Victorian girl after hearing her story.

In footage posted on YouTube, the 20-year-old told Samantha that “I heard a little bit about you so I wanted to say hi”.

“I want to remind you to always be yourself and let it go!” she said.

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Ms Muir told SBS she wished she had recorded Samara’s reaction.

“It was just priceless!” she said.

“The look on her face was just priceless. She watched it until the battery went dead on my phone, she was so happy to receive it. 

“She had tears in her eyes, and she was saying ‘the lady’s talking to me’”.

The message also left Ms Muir emotional.

“I had tears in my eyes just watching it,” she said.

“I was so proud of my daughter, and so proud of the lady that sent it.”

She said Samara was still receiving support.

“She just got a message from Japan, with a little girl holding flowers saying ‘will you be my friend?’” she said.

“Samara is very proud of who she is, and she doesn’t scrub her skin anymore – she wants to make it shine.”