Indonesians told beware foreign boyfriends

Indonesian women who date foreign men must be careful they are not used as drug mules, the country’s anti-drugs chief warns.


National Narcotics Board (BNN) chief Anang Iskandar claims Indonesian women are highly susceptible to being lured into crime by the offer of a free trip abroad.

“Don’t be reckless in relationships with foreigners,” he told reporters in Jakarta at commemorations of International Narcotics Day, as quoted by website jpnn杭州桑拿会所,.

“Especially when they give the gift of a plane ticket, you just got acquainted with them, dating, it’s very tempting, (you) must be careful.”

President Joko Widodo used the event on Friday to reaffirm his commitment to his war on drugs, which has involved the executions of 14 people this year.

Of those, 12 were foreigners, including Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Mr Joko says his approach will broaden to include more international co-operation and crackdowns on prisons, where officials are frequently involved in drug rackets.

“Drug crime can be classified as extraordinary crime,” he said, as quoted by detik杭州桑拿会所,.

“With such a destructive power, there is no other option than declaring war on drugs.”

A group of prominent Indonesians wrote in leading health journal The Lancet this month that Mr Joko was favouring a punitive approach over strategies proved to reduce drug-related harm.

They questioned the BNN data underpinning the drugs war policy, saying the finding of 40-50 drug-related deaths daily was gathered in an unorthodox and unreliable manner.

Others have pointed out that while Indonesia executes foreigners for drug offences, it lobbies to save its own citizens from death row abroad.